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The SBCOBA was formed on 16th November 1924 at a meeting presided over by the then Rector, Dr Victor Geaney. The first committee was elected at that time and since then the Association has played an active part in keeping Old Boys in touch with one another and with the College.

The Association was extensively involved in the successful centennial celebrations in 2012. The resounding success of this occasion, especially the high levels of re-engagement, led to the executive re-appraising the Association’s future role. A key factor in this re-appraisement was the decline in subscriptions in 2013 and a growing awareness that changing social patterns would make the future of the Association more difficult and that membership would continue to decline unless there was a change in direction

The Association recognised that it needed to be seen to offer a more meaningful programme to its old boys and it needed to also develop a more regular income. To this end it received Board approval to introduce a pre-paid membership scheme whereby boys, whilst still at the College, would voluntarily pay a life-time membership. Given this commitment the executive then looked at ways in which it could support the College. Consequently two new initiatives will be launched this year and the Association will sponsor each event.

In 2014 the Association launched two new initiatives both of which were part of the revitalisation campaign. These were:

  • The After 5 Business Network (see below)
  • Regional gatherings (Sydney, Auckland and Wellington)

In 2015 it sponsored the Year 13 Leavers Breakfast, the new year 9 parents cocktail party and the year 13 ties. These events have been developed in conjunction with the College and are intended to further the College’s links with its parent community and also to improve the Association’s profile.